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Reinventing a million possibilities

At Claris, we’ve always looked at challenges as opportunities, breaking down big, complex problems into small, human needs. When we began our journey towards building one of the largest pure play sterile injectables companies in India, we were driven by the need to protect Human Life. Today, we’re standing at a new horizon, at a world full of possibilities, ready to make a similar impact.

Three Pillars of Claris
Claris Limited
People Are Everything
Our capabilities are powered by our culture. We focus on Career Opportunities + Learning + Wholesome Development.
Claris Limited
Serving Humanity
We care about who we impact, and how. This philosophy shaped the complex products we manufactured; now it helps us partner with new-age companies that share a similar vision.
Claris Limited
Excellence As Foundation
Our passion for excellence has helped us build large scale businesses of international standards from scratch, quickly and successfully.
Claris Limited



‘Claris Lifesciences Limited’ is incorporated as a pharma trading company dealing in Blood Products.

Claris Limited



Targets international markets through niche and difficult-to-manufacture drugs; inauguration of first injectables manufacturing facility.

Claris Limited



Foundation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing facility; enters the infusions business with a focus on India and other emerging markets; receives the ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Claris Limited



Foundation of second infusions manufacturing facility Clarion IV; receives the MHRA (UK Regulatory Approval) for the injectables plant and its first product approval.

Claris Limited



Carlyle Group invests $20m (Rs90cr) for a minority stake in the business; receives the European approval for Propofol in LCT form in 11 countries.

Claris Limited



Receives the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approval for the injectables manufacturing plant; reaches Rs100cr EBITDA at a consolidated level.

Claris Limited



Our products now serve 76 countries; flagship product Profol/Provive becomes the #1 propofol brand in India with a 55% market share.

Claris Limited



Strategic partnership with Pfizer to target the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand markets; wins awards for quality and manufacturing excellence.

Claris Limited



Debut at the BSE with an IPO of Rs300cr, diluting 20% of the Company; wins the ‘India’s Best Companies To Work For’ award, ranking #1 in ‘Healthcare’ and #37 among ‘The 100 Best Indian Companies to Work For’.

Claris Limited



Launch of ‘Claris Otsuka’, a joint venture with Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Inc. and Mitsui & Co. Ltd., valued at $250m (Rs1300cr).

Claris Limited



Launch of second injectables manufacturing facility Clarion V; focus on the newer technologies of aseptic filling.

Claris Limited



One of the lowest attrition rates in the Pharma industry at 15% versus the industry average of 25%; wins the ‘India’s Best Companies To Work For’ award for the seventh year in a row.

Claris Limited



Hits 48% growth for a consecutive fourth year for the specialty injectables business; now present in over 100 countries; global generic Injectables business is sold to Baxter for $625m (Rs4237cr).

Claris Limited



Voluntarily de-lists from the Bombay Stock Exchange; returns Rs1,073cr to shareholders as part of the delisting process.

Claris Limited



Claris 2.0; focus on venture investment and financial management; enters multiple businesses.


True success empowers everyone

Claris is defined by our culture – one that values ambition, rewards flexibility and hones excellence. We encourage our people to think big and bold, to adapt and thrive. Together, we own our impact; and we hunger for opportunities to dream, to do.

Work at Claris

When you love what you do, everyone succeeds

At Claris, you’re recognised for your hard work, you get to team with amazing and talented people, and you can get involved with your community by giving back. It’s the right place for those who seek to build a career for themselves while following their passions.

Claris Pharma Ahmedabad
Claris Pharma Ahmedabad

Claris has been recognised for its conducive work environment, value-based & friendly work culture, people-oriented work practices, culture of celebrations, and development orientation.